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Dental Assistant Salary – Listen To The Experts

Getting into the dental industry isn’t as hard as pulling teeth like some people believe. If you ever considered what it takes to become a dental assistant then the information contained in this article will help you decide if this position is the right career choice for you. Dental assistants greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of the practicing dentist in the delivery of oral health care services. Many dental offices employ on average about two or more dental assistants depending on the size of the practice. The demand for dental assistants in this industry is high so job security is not an issue for someone considering this position. If you’re a people person with strong communication skills and like to take charge of a career with responsibility that is rewarding and fun then becoming a dental assistant is for you.


Job Duties of a Dental Assistant

The duties and responsibilities carried out by a dental assistant are the most important and influential part of any dental office. It requires building an interpersonal relationship with the patient while executing technical skills in an efficient manner. Responsibilities may include:

  • Taking radiographs also known as X-rays of the patients mouth
  • Prepping and sterilizing dental instruments and equipment
  • Creating a patients chart and filling out patient medical history
  • Taking Blood Pressure and Pulse if necessary.
  • Assisting practicing dentist with a variety of treatments and procedures
  • Teaching patients good oral hygiene strategies and providing them with written literature on
    oral care.
  • Scheduling appointments and follow up visits with the dentist (answering telephones when
    necessary and creating billing invoices for patients)
  • Communicating with group purchasing organizations and ordering supplies for the offices when needed.

Income Potential

The dental assistants profession is very rewarding. There is a few factors that determines a dental assistants potential earnings. Depending on your type of training and professional background your salary may vary slightly. An assistants salary depends on the amount of responsibilities associated with the practice and the geographic location of employment. Typically a dental assistant can earn anywhere between $12.00 and $20.00 an hour or more and sometimes with a full line of health benefits and paid vacation. Many practices offer 401(k) plans and matching for those who wish to think about saving for their future.

Dental Assistant Overview

If you have a passion to make people smile and like to be hands with what it is you do with your profession then becoming a dental assistant is the right choice for you. Not only is it rewarding and exciting but its a great way to build a relationship with your patients in the community and establish a rapport with them that will help you advance in your career. Take the next step into preparing for a career choice that is right for you by finding out more information on how to become a dental assistant now.

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Dr. Noah Levi