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Root Canal Process and Dental Assisting

A dental assistant can help with the root canal process to check to see if there has been any damage to the pulp or nerve of the tooth. This damage, if serious, can lead to infection and will cause the mouth to swell and be very painful.

root canal process

Usually the root canal process is not very painful despite what it looks like. It really doesn’t take up to much time either since it can be done in a single visit with the help of a dental assistant.

The patient often needs to make several trips to the dental office while the dental assistant helps deal with pain or other complications. Special restoration, such as the application of a dental crown, is included in the procedure. A multiple visit treatment from the dental assistant and doctor  is often broken down into two visits. The first one is where the dental assistant will do cleaning and help the dentist shape the area for the root canal. The second will be where the patient will get the actual restoration done.

Today, the single-appointment approach has become more popular with the help of dental technology and dental assistants. Most people prefer this because of their busy schedules. Everything that needs to be done (including X-rays) can all be accomplished at the same time all in one place. In a single sitting, a root canal process treatment can be completed without the quality getting compromised. These single sitting appointments can take just 30 minutes to over an hour if there are no complications present.

If a patient needs a root canal, the advice that dental assistants should give is for the patient to set aside adequate time for it in their schedule. This is particularly important if they wish to have the entire treatment done in a single appointment. The patient won’t want to try to rush the dental assistant and the doctor.

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Dr. Noah Levi