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Certified Dental Assistant Graduate!

Certified Dental AssistantWhen I got a little discouraged and overwhelmed, Michele reminded me that “In order to succeed you first must believe that you can!” Kelly calmed me on test days and showed astronomical faith in me. I took that and ran with it!

Today I graduated Certified as a Dental Assistant and Certified Dental Radiographer. WOO-HOO WE DID IT!!!! Know your craft, she said, do your best work, always show compassion… I left knowing that I can do all things, (except wall planks lol) insider :/

But at the beginning of a new journey, I leave feeling that there’s one more thing that I’ve accomplished and it’s a limitless world that’s waiting for me!!!
Thanks ladies, it was worth it!!!!

– says Thaddina W. from Albion, Michigan

Congratulations certified dental assistant graduate!

2 Responses to “Certified Dental Assistant Graduate!”

  1. John T. says:

    Nice job on graduating 🙂 All your hard work really did pay off and now you are a dental assistant. 🙂

  2. Christina B. says:

    I just graduated and I have to say that this school is the best. Everyone really helps you and wants to see you succeed.Thanks for all your help 🙂