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Dental Assistant School Reviews – The best decision I ever made!

These students from our school in Detroit had great things to share in dental assistant school reviews and are ready to get started in a Dental Assistant Professional job! Read more…

dental assistant school reviews

Aya B. says: “I am a graduate of this school and it’s by far the BEST INVESTMENT of my life. Kelly and Michelle are AWESOME! Great & loving instructors who make this process soooo smooth. Its not easy – but this course is definitely worth it. We were taught in a digital / state of the art dental office and had the pleasure of learning from 6 General dentist, 6 hygienist, a periodontist and oral surgeon as well as other dental assistants who were very knowledgeable and helpful in the process of receiving our certifications. I cried and at times I did want to give up – but they never let me fall and always encouraged and pushed me to be the best DA that I could be. I am forever grateful for this program and my instructors :D”

Baby P. says: “The best decision I ever made! The instructors are literally the best! They are very knowledgeable and even more willing to help, both instructors have over 20 years in this profession! They give out their personal numbers to make sure you’re able to get help! Although you have to be willing to put in a great deal of work – the class is fun and exciting! If you ever thought about it, do it!”

Another of our dental assistant school reviews by Cathy S.: “Hi my name Cathy Steveson – I love this school because I’m learning a lot of different things that I didn’t know about. As I look over the years in my life I wish I would’ve known myself better because I would’ve taken this class years ago. I love both of my teachers because they’re sweet, helpful, and informative. Although I am only in week 4 I know that this program will make me a stronger person and I will go further in my dental career!”

Ralen M. says: “This has been an awesome experience for me. I came into this class so nervous and full of self doubt and my instructors (Kelly and Michele) are always there to calm me down and help me with whatever I need. I would definitely recommend this course to any and everyone. The staff is also wonderfully helpful during the internships and are willing to go teach and help you.”

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One Response to “Dental Assistant School Reviews – The best decision I ever made!”

  1. Robert D. says:

    I have been looking for a career that is more my style and I read about becoming a dental assistant. I think that I would be perfect for this job. I just called the school and set up an appointment. This could be the best thing I will do in a long time. Thanks for helping me out here.