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Dental Assisting – A Great Career

The work of a Dental Assistant varies. You will care for patients by assisting the dentist with a number of dental processes, prepare patients, get dental records, arrange appointments, process x-ray images, welcome patients, and a lot more.

da-01This career is satisfying and interesting, in a setting which is lovely and professional. The working hours are often flexible.

The most ideal part of a dental assistant career is the rewarding job with the opportunity to help others. This is a job you can be proud of!

Our Mission

This Dental Assisting school program provides the know-how and proficiency that you will need to excel in the dental field.  The program surpasses what other programs provide.  More than three years was spent developing our curriculum for Dental Assisting.  We examined every other program available, selected what functioned best, got rid of the filler and enhanced the final product.

We offer you the training you need to attain your Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting in only 13 Weeks.

Our students come from throughout the Detroit area.

Lauri Whitney, stated, ‘Undertaking my dental course in your school was a good experience for me.’

‘It offered me a program which provided me with information which was precise and updated in regard to dental assisting and a number of dental processes. It was my feeling that the teaching and lab time equipped me for carrying out work in the real world, as a Dental Assistant.’

‘Your staff was extremely pleasant and well-informed. I would certainly advocate this school to any person with an interest in becoming a thriving Dental Assistant.’

Graduates are getting great jobs which are leading to flourishing careers.

Benefits of School

In our school the students are taught everything in a classroom scenario and will be provided with 50 hours or more of a practical internship in a dental office in the locality.

A lot of the students of the Dental Assistant School of Detroit are youthful and just embarking on a career in the industry for health-care. Others are venturing in to the place of work later on in life or long for a different career and are getting good opportunities.

Classes begin four times each year; therefore students can join any time with a new session beginning soon.  It includes factors in the laboratory of the classroom and practical training.

  • It is mandatory for students to have a diploma in high school or a GED equivalent to be eligible for enrollment. After finishing, graduates get a Certificate in Dental Assisting.
  • In the current economy each person regardless of age, is searching for career options. Other programs provide training normally based on lectures, with restricted hands-on time, leaving graduates unqualified for the job marketplace. However, with our enhanced program, you will have access to hands-on training in extremely all angles of Dental Assisting. This type of experience will place you at the top of your peers.
  • In different programs, instructors are restricted in the quantity of attention they can provide to a class which has 30 students or more. However, our program offers you individual attention as our classes have a maximum of 12 students.

When you graduate, you will take with you the self-confidence, skills and expertise required to excel in your new career!

Don’t wait to reserve your spot in our next dental assisting class before it is too late. Class size is limited so Email or call (248) 639-4988 today. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dr. Noah Levi


2 Responses to “Dental Assisting – A Great Career”

  1. Sarah P. says:

    I have a couple friend who just took a dental assisting clas. They said I would love it so i just signed up. I am so excited to become a dental assistant.

  2. Betty P says:

    I have been looking for a career that is more my style and I read about becoming a dental assistant. I think that I would be perfect for this job. I just called the school and set up an appointment. This could be the best thing I will do in a long time. Thanks for helping me out here. 🙂