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Dental Assisting Programs for Career Success

At the start of our dental assisting programs the students walk into their first day of class unsure of what to expect. Thirteen weeks later, they walk out as dental assistants! We are so proud of our dental assisting students every year!

dental assisting programs

Our students are dedicated, proactive and positive thinkers! We love seeing the growth in our students as they learn the language of dental assisting. Our dental assisting programs are direct and straight to the point, no messing around!

We look forward to meeting you and offering you an excellent opportunity to learn a great career and work with a team of experienced dentists and hygienists who will train you on-site. Why wait? Sign up now for our next session start your path to a new dental assistant job. All you need to do is email or call (248) 818-1075 today.

Dr. Noah Levi

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  1. Kelsy T. says:

    I loved the hand on experience that this school offers. It really does help you learn easier. Thanks